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Irctc PNR(Passenger Name Record) Live Status


You must have faced the issue of booking not confirmed while reserving your train ticket, but you must have seen PNR Status mentioned on your ticket’s left corner. What’s that PNR Status stands for? Come let’s find out about PNR or Passenger Name Record status. Indian Railways is world 3rd largest rail network and one of the most convenient medium of travelling for Indians. There are number of trains allotted for all major, urban or rural cities. As each train has limited number of seats, so while booking if all of the seats get filled then the PNR status shows W/L. This abbreviation W/L stands for Waitlisted means seat will get confirmed if any of the confirmed ticket gets cancelled by any of the passenger. PNR is a 10 digit unique number mentioned on left corner of ticket.  PNR Status is helpful in many ways and one can check it through various mediums like SMS, final reservation chart, online portal, mobile application and from railway enquiry counter at station. PNR Status stores the information about passengers in the database of Indian Railway computer system. This record contains information of passenger in the form of Name, age, gender, contact number etc.

Status of PNR tells us about bookings whether it is confirmed or not, wait listed, reserved etc. It is quite common to check your current PNR Status. Whenever you want to check online PNR Status, visit at Basically it stores basic passenger detail  information like his age, sex, date of birth, along with his travel details like ticket number, travelling date, berth preference if any, seat number, coach number, source station, quota or class of travel, payment mode etc.

PNR is 10 digit numbers which is allotted to each and every person who book tickets from IRCTC Web portal.  The first 3 digit tells us about the PRS ticket has been booked. PRS means Passenger Reservation System which is developed by CRIS.  PRS is a total networking solution to Indian Railways Passenger Reservation System. Last 7 digits tell us about Rand function which generated numbers randomly. PNR number generated after making the tickets. PNR number is printed at the top left corner of tickets. PNR records every detail of each Passenger. PNR required main five parts before the booking completed: 1. Passenger Name, 2. Contact Details, 3. Ticketing Details, 4. Itinerary of at least 1 segment, 5. Booking Making. Other information like timestamp or the agency’s pseudo city code all these go automatically in booking.

Once the booking of passenger has completed the CRS or clear standing room will issue a unique all alpha or alpha-numeric record locator, for the further changes (except if a multi-person PNR is split).

Nowadays, government required more information about the Passenger due to tracing the criminals or terrorists. For that they need include more points in the form like- Passengers’ gender, Date and place of birth , Full Passport Details(nationality, number, and date of expire), Redress number, (if previously given to the passenger by the US authorities) And  all available payment/billing information of passenger. PNR are also concern with some privacy of all the amount of personal data of passenger. At the time of billing, meeting or discount eligibility codes, PNR contains all the detailed information on pattern of association between travelers.

It basically stores basic passenger related information like his age, sex, date of birth, along with his travel details like ticket number, travelling date, seat number, coach number, source station, etc.

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